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The Legacy of John and Frances Reedy

The Legacy of John and Frances Reedy

For decades Yazoo has been the preeminent label reissuing long lost sounds from around the globe. Their newest release is a truly delightful 2-CD set of stellar southern mountain music largely lost to time. Rich Nevins, Ivy Sheppard and the Reedy Family worked together with the Berea College archives to put together what is a unique snapshot of an Appalachian family's musical life both on and off record over the course of more than four decades.

John Reedy is primarily known as the writer of chestnuts within the bluegrass canon such as 'Knocking on Your Door' and 'Somebody Touched Me'. The Reedys are also known to record collectors from their great 1950s/1960s cuts on 45 RPM records for both small regional labels and for the storied Starday company. These two CDs take the listener through the Reedy's musical lives from their first recordings at 78 RPM in the 1940s through 45s and LPs, to informal recordings both in their home and church. The remastering on these sides is exquisite- you're in for a real treat hearing these sides in the highest quality possible.

A few highlights include Frances' earnest and effortless vocals on numbers such as DRIFTWOOD, priceless home recordings with the Reedy's neighbor and dear friend Jimmy Murphy like POOR PEOPLE, and a truly supernatural performance by John late in life singing TAKE JESUS BY THE HAND in church.

Whether you are a bluegrass fan, a gospel fan, an old time fan or just a casual listener this is a truly beautiful set that we at County are delighted to carry and recommend highly!