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Another great album from Shelton, whose guitar work is not only brilliant but always thoroughly tasteful. Without ever resorting to flashy "pyrotechnics", Shelton provides lovely examples of fingerstyle guitar (FREIGHT TRAIN and the superb title tune), flatpicking (BACK UP & PUSH and the fine guitar duet with Tim Stafford, NORTHFORK OF THE HOLSTON) and the cross-picking for which he is best known (FADED LOVE and a top-flight version of Bill Monroe's SUNSET TRAIL). He is joined by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings who provide a wonderful vocal rendition of 50 MILES OF ELBOW ROOM. SCARBOROUGH FAIR is another surprise choice that works beautifully. With 13 great cuts this album is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. SHADY GROVE, BETTER FARTHER ON, DOWN YONDER, LONG JOURNEY HOME etc.