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ROSCOE HOLCOMB 'The High Lonesome Sound' SFW-40104-CD

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A wonderfully presented tribute to a unique and impressive old-time musician from Kentucky, this compilation is drawn from 3 older Folkways LPs that were all recorded by John Cohen. Between the comprehensive notes by Cohen and the 21 songs he sings & plays it presents a great look at one of the most distinctive personalities in rural American music. Holcomb plays a neat old-time banjo as well as a bluesy guitar, but it is his high pitched voice that is most recognizable, and for many may require an acquired taste to appreciate. Roscoe is unique and this excellent collection (with 26-page booklet) is a perfect document for those who want a good dose of the real thing in rural music.

Track List:

1 Moonshiner 2:00
2 Old Smoky 3:44
3 Little Birdie 2:28
4 House In New Orleans 3:49
5 Trouble In Mind 2:18
6 The Wandering Boy 4:34
7 Hook And Line 1:54
8 Married Life Blues 1:51
9 Omie Wise 4:35
10 Willow Tree 3:00
11 Boat's Up The River 3:49
12 In The Pines 2:25
13 Fox Chase 1:24
14 Little Gray Mule 1:12
15 I'm A Free Little Bird 1:57
16 Little Bessie 10:06
17 Motherless Children 4:56
18 Darlin Corey 3:38
19 Roll On Buddy 2:25
20 A Village Churchyard 7:08
21 Walk Around My Bedside 4:32