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LARRY SPARKS 'New Moon Over My Shoulder' REB-1870-CD

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Decade after decade, Larry Sparks continues to refine his style and add to his catalog. New Moon Over My Shoulder, marking a half-century since starting his own band, ranks among his best. Ron Stewart’s banjo powers the energetic opener “Down in Union County,” while Sparks explores the emotion in Gary Ferguson’s “I’m Really Leaving.” Most memorable, Larry full embraces the title song, the Jimmie Davis and Tex Ritter hit, both adapting the song to his style and his style to the song. Another high-level release from an artist who never quite seems to receive the acclaim he deserves.

Track list:
1. Down In Union County
2. I'm Really Leaving
3. Henry Hill
4. Take Me Back To West Virginia
5. New Highway
6. I Was Wrong
7. Peacock Rag
8. There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder
9. I Only Exist
10. Annie's Boy
11. Things Will Get Better
12. Green Pastures In The Sky