VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Epilogue - A Tribute to John Duffey' SFW-40228-CD

VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Epilogue - A Tribute to John Duffey' SFW-40228-CD

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John Duffey's influence on bluegrass cannot be overstated. His contributions to legendary bands The Country Gentlemen and The Seldom Scene helped transform the genre from a regional Appalachian music to a sophisticated, urban sound, resulting in a legion of new fans the world over. On Epilogue, the bluegrass music community comes together to create a marvelously fitting tribute to "the father of modern bluegrass." Sam Bush, John Cowan, Bela Fleck, Bruce Molsky, Tim O'Brien, Don Rigsby, and so many more --it's a rare and special all-star cast. Their eagerness and passion to record the album attest to how profoundly Duffey impacted them and countless other musicians today. 46 minutes, 44-page booklet with extensive notes and photos.

Track Listing:

  • Sad and Lonesome Day by Randy Waller & Lou Reid
  • If That's the Way You Feel by Amanda Smith
  • If I Were a Carpenter by Jonathan Edwards
  • Lonesome River by Dudley Connell
  • Sunrise by Sam Bush & Bela Fleck
  • Going to the Races by James King
  • Some Old Day by John Cowan
  • Girl from the North Country by Steve Gulley
  • He Was a Friend of Mine by Dudley Connell & John Cowan
  • Poor Ellen Smith by Tim O'Brien
  • Reason for Being by Fred Travers
  • Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrowby Don Rigsby
  • Chim-Chim-Cher-Ee by Bruce Molsky
  • Cold Wind a Blowin' by Ronnie Bowman & Lou Reid
  • Christmas Time Back Home by John Duffey Tribute All-Stars
  • Bringing Mary Home by John Starling
  • First Tear by Akira Otsuka