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REED MARTIN 'Old Time Banjo' RM-2563-CD

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Reed Martin began playing his exquisite signature style of old-time banjo at least in the early to mid-1960s and thankfully made this wonderful record in his prime. He has attained near legendary status as a master of old-time banjo styles and it is wonderful to have, at last, a disc to document his playing. And there certainly is a wealth of it here --a total of 37 great old tunes, many learned from old timers like Wade Ward, Kyle Creed, and Pete Steele; others were picked up from an early generation of song collectors like Peter Hoover. His playing is crisp & clean, marked by superb tone and perfect tempos, and tunings are supplied for each tune. Most of the pieces range in length from a minute and a half to slightly over two minutes, but they do not seem short or rushed, rather they are thoughtful journeys through each tune. This is a wonderful collection that we recommend highly and is available ONLY AT COUNTY SALES thanks to the Reed Martin Trust. Classics like TWIN SISTERS, COAL CREEK, FLOP EARED MULE, HALF SHAVED, OLD MOLLY HARE, REDWING and masterful forgotten favorites like SPEED THE PLOW, OLD STILLHOUSE, LONE PRAIRIE etc.