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JESSE SMATHERS 'Jesse Smathers' JSM-2022

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Jesse Smathers comes from a deep well of traditional mountain music. Growing up to the sounds of his family's music (Luke Smathers String Band) and quintessential cuts of bluegrass, old-time and country, Jesse has been a professionally touring musician for over a decade. A veteran of Nothin' Fancy, James King Band and a mainstay of Lonesome River Band, his tasteful guitar and mandolin playing along with his crystal clear voice has earned him a place among the best 'road-dogs' in the business. 
This album showcases Jesse's original writing, his ear for obscure traditional recordings, his instrumental prowess and ability to sing his own emotions and styling into any song. With an all-star lineup of Sammy Shelor, Jason Carter, Mike Hartgrove, Russ Carson, Patrick Robertson, and Jason Moore among others, We at County Sales are proud of Jesse and excited for this stellar new album. One of the finest honest-to-goodness bluegrass albums to come out in quite a while! Highly recommended! 
  1. Ain't Going Down 
  2. Under The Weather
  3. Brand New City 
  4. Nothing In The World To Do 
  5. Cindy 
  6. Fool Like Me 
  7. Living In Canaan 
  8. She Did Me A Favor 
  9. Hard Pressed 
  10. The Blame 
  11. Laid Up And Lonesome 
  12. I Wish We Had Our Time Again 
  13. Yesterday's Blues
  14. I Could Love You All The Time