VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Country Music on the Excellent Label - Volume 1' BACM-465-CD

VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Country Music on the Excellent Label - Volume 1' BACM-465-CD

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The Excellent label, out of Cincinnati, Ohio, was one of a number of small regional labels that issued Country and Bluegrass music on 78rpm discs in the early 1950s (this label went on to later release 45s as well). The England based British Archive label has been doing a nice job in presenting this type of material for the die-hard collector, with their CDs usually containing anywhere from 25 to 30 tracks. The Excellent label featured more early Bluegrass music than most other companies, and while nothing here is spectacular, there are some interesting artists and songs. Most recognizable may be Dave Woolum, Taylor Porter, Charles Sidebottom and the funky instrumentalist Ray Lunsford and his electric mandolin. Woolum (who often paired with the fine early Scruggs style banjo picker Noah Craase) had a few records that actually sold fairly well --these included MAPLE ON THE HILL, ROLLING STONE and SINGLE GIRL. For those fascinated by the early days of Bluegrass, this CD should be of more interest than most in this series.

Track Listing:

  • OUR MOTHER - Dave & Corney
  • TRAVELING ALONE - Dave & Corney
  • MAPLE ON THE HILL - Dave Woolum
  • ROLLING STONE - Dave Woolum
  • YOU'VE TRADED LOVE FOR GOLD - Stanley Johnson
  • I'M JUST A RAMBLIN' MAN - Stanley Johnson
  • I'M COMING HOME TO YOU - Charles Sidebottom & Owen County Ramblers
  • GONNA SEE MY BABY TONIGHT - Don Brooks & Rhytum Valley Boys
  • I WON'T BE SATISFIED AT ALL - Ray, Mae Shorty with Sandy Valley Boys
  • IF I COULD LEARN TO LOVE YOU IN THE MORNING - Ray & Mae with Sandy Valley Boys
  • TOE TAPPIN' RHYTHM - Joy Whitaker & The Southerneers
  • BLUE TEARS - Joy Whitaker & The Southerneers
  • YOUR LOVE IS THE KEY - Charles Sidebottom & Owen County Ramblers
  • WATER OVER THE DAM - Charles Sidebottom & Owen County Ramblers
  • I AIN'T GONNA LET HER DO IT ANYMORE - Dave Woolum & Noah Craase
  • SINGLE GIRL, MARRIED GIRL - Dave Woolum & Noah Craase
  • THE GIRL THAT LIVED OVER THE HILL - Taylor Porter & Gray Mountain Boys
  • THAT'S HOW I GOT MY START - Taylor Porter & Gray Mountain Boys
  • COUNTRY PICKIN' (Instrumental) - Ray Lunsford
  • RED WING (Instrumental) - Ray Lunford
  • LET ME BE WORTHY - Bakers Trio & Fellowship Christianiers
  • BIG HAND OF GOD - Bakers Trio & Fellowship Christianeers
  • I'VE BEEN WITH THE BOYS - Eddie Adams & Mountain Rhythm Boys
  • DON'T TORTURE ME - Hank Drew
  • YOU DON'T LOVE ME - Hank Drew