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SONYA ISAACS 'Bluegrass' HR-1064-CD


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Sonya Isaacs has one of the finest voices in Bluegrass or gospel music, and this compilation is made up of 16 of the Isaacs' songs on which Sonya's singing is featured. Now that the group has left the Horizon label (for the more prominent Gaither Group), Horizon is apparently trying to squeeze every bit of life out of the albums that they recorded for the label by re-packaging the songs in a series of similarly packaged collections that feature such titles as " A Cappella songs","Bluegrass Songs", "Radio Hits", and now individual CDs of Sonya and Lily Isaacs. The potential buyer should just note that at least 7 of the 16 songs here are duplicated on the other re-issues. All good material, some of the standouts include SUNNY SIDE OF LIFE, PROPHET ADMIRATION, I HAVE A FATHER WHO CAN, PEACE LIKE A RIVER and AMAZING GRACE.