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DOYLE LAWSON & QUICKSILVER 'Light On My Feet, Ready To Fly' HOR-1276-CD

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If there's any one thing you can count on in Bluegrass, it's that any new gospel album from Doyle Lawson is going to be superb. About the only thing different here from his many previous gospel recordings is the presence in his current band of a dobro player --in this case Josh Swift. Another slight change is the addition of Jason Leek on bass fiddle and various vocal parts (Leek is a former member of Barry Scott's fine group). Other band members are Jason Barie (fiddle), Corey Hensley (guitar), and jack of all instruments Dale Perry joins the proceedings on banjo, guitar and bass vocals. As usual Lawson has come up with another excellent batch of songs, starting right out with the fine title song (written by Hensley) and then mixing in some new songs along with some old classics like Carl Story's MIGHTY HARD ROAD TO TRAVEL, the a cappella MY LORD'S GONNA MOVE THIS WICKED RACE, OLD SHIP OF ZION and OH HEAVEN (a great song that we last remember seeing on J.D. Crowe's MODEL CHURCH album --on which Lawson was present). Great Blu