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DOYLE LAWSON & QUICKSILVER 'Sing Me A Song About Jesus' MH-13932-CD

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Over the years Doyle Lawson has been one to count on for solid, traditional Bluegrass. He has also been quite prolific --at last count we have noted at least 35 different records of his that we carry at County Sales. But the one word that comes to mind instantly upon playing this disc is "slick". There is a fine line between "slick" and "well produced", and we will let others make this assessment. But consider these facts: there are now 7 members of Lawson's current band; two people are listed as playing percussion on this disc; there is some lap steel; and do we really need to know the custom maker of Doyle's boots? And the songs --though all well crafted --no longer seem to include any of those old mountain and gospel gems that filled the likes of "Rock My Soul" and "Heavenly Treasures" (have they all been used up?). This is not a knock on Lawson or his music --everything about this record is thoroughly professional, and obviously Doyle knows the direction he wants to go in; it's just that we miss the soul and feeling that were there in prior albums.

1 Little Star 2:58
2 The Rich Man 3:08
3 It Took A Man Like That 2:49
4 I Saw Him Walk Out Of The Sky 3:34
5 Never Shall Run Dry 2:24
6 The Greatest Creator 2:56
7 God Can 2:28
8 Be Not Afraid 3:08
9 Jack Of All Trades 2:58
10 Going On Home 2:51
11 Sing Me A Song About Jesus 2:48