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BILL EMERSON & SWEET DIXIE 'The Gospel Side of Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie' RUR-1132-CD

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A lot of musicians contributed to making this a lovely, outstanding Bluegrass gospel record. We won't name every one of them, but starting with the instrumental side you have Jimmy Gaudreau and Wayne Lanham (mandolins), Tom Adams (guitar), Rickie Simpkins, Steve Thomas and Pat White on fiddles. On the vocal side there are a variety of lead and harmony singers who all do a fine job --these include Wayne Taylor, Tom Adams, Teri Chisholm, and Wayne Lanham and two particularly outstanding lead vocals by Linda Lay (WHAT A DAY) and Randy Waller (BEAUTIFUL). It's a fine selection of songs, too: THE ROPE, LITTLE STONE LAMBS, KEEP ON THE SUNNYSIDE, FIFTY MILES OF ELBOW ROOM and DRIFTING TOO FAR FROM THE SHORE. A superb album that we recommend highly.