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HIGH FIDELITY 'Music In My Soul' REB-1879

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    One of today's finest traditional bluegrass bands, High Fidelity, has done it again with another stellar album. 'Music in My Soul,' their first all-gospel release, is a delightful variety of gospel styling. With timeless songs like THERE IS POWER IN THE BLOOD to bluegrass chestnuts like THE DARKEST HOUR IS JUST BEFORE THE DAWN, this is the finest bluegrass gospel album to come out in ages! Highly recommended! 
  1. I'm Ready To Go 
  2. Walking With My Saviour 
  3. I'll Be No Stranger There 
  4. I Need The Prayers 
  5. The Mighty Name Of Jesus 
  6. Music In My Soul 
  7. There Is Power In The Blood 
  8. The Storm 
  9. The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn 
  10. My Lord Is Taking Me Away 
  11. I'm A Pilgrim 
  12. My Lord Keeps A Record 
  13. Are You Lost In Sin? 
  14. We're Living In The Last Days Now