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Ben Eldridge 'On Banjo: Recollections, Licks, and Solo's w/Randy Barrett' BARCROFT-BOOKS

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Long awaited, this book is a tastefully compiled combination of biography, never-before-published photos, note-for-note banjo tablature, banjo philosophy and lighthearted recollections. Coming in at just under 100 pages, this paperback book is one of the best and most conversational books we've gotten in the shop for quite some time. It feels like you're sitting down with Ben in his living room hearing him recount stories, share photos and teach iconic breaks and licks. With help from stellar banjoist, Randy Barrett and a poignant forward from BELA FLECK, this book is a must have.

We highly recommend this book to bluegrass enthusiasts, banjo players or folks who like a great read about being a musician. Stellar!