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'Strings of Life: Conversations with Old-Time Musicians from Virginia and North Carolina - KEVIN DONLEAVY

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This book concerns traditional music in upper North Carolina and southwestern Virginia. The historians are its practitioners. This collection of anecdotes, stories, and utterances came from the musicians as they talked about themselves or about other players with whom they are or were familiar. This historical-musical census-of-sorts cites and identifies more than 1,300 players of traditional music in an area that, in terms of its music, disregards state borders. Of the musicians who could be dated, about 120 were born prior to 1870; at least 400 between 1870 and 1900; and more than 220 after 1900. The majority of these musicians have never before been documented.

One of the finest books to give the reader a personal, in depth view of what traditional music in communities was within Southwest Virginia and upper North Carolina. Stellar!