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Country Music Goes To War' by Charles Wolfe & James E. Akenson COUNTRY WAR-BOOK

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BOOK: COUNTRY MUSIC GOES TO WAR Edited by Charles Wolfe and James Akenson (Univ. Press of KY, 2005) 250 pp. This is an interesting collection of 14 chapters written by different authors dealing with songs in country music that concern different aspects of war, from the War of 1812 to the current actions in Iraq. Most readers will probably be surprised at the considerable number of country songs that have been recorded that pertain to the various conflicts. There are chapters dealing with the Civil War, a chapter on Gene Autry and WW II, one about Elton Britt's great hit THERE'S A STAR-SPANGLED BANNER WAVING, one on Korea, one on WLS' National Barn Dance in wartime, and two good articles by the ubiquitous Charles Wolfe (one on songs related to the Atomic Bomb and the other on war songs in early commercial recordings). Apart from one pretentious, impossible to read chapter on "Sept. 11 and the Politics of Country Music" by Aaron Fox, there's a lot of well-written, thought-provoking material here.