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Old-Time Backup Guitar: Learn From the Masters by JOHN SCHWAB

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THE book for learning old-style, old-time backup guitar! Over 2000 copies sold! 102-Pages, plus data CD with >120 mp3 files, ready for iTunes or your mp3 player.

Solid old-time backup guitars are always in demand! Veteran guitar player John Schwab has developed a highly successful way to help folks learn to play in a traditional backup style, in the same way that he learned: by studying the master musicians of the 78 rpm era — the 1920s and '30s.

- Luches Kessinger (Kessinger Brothers)
- Asa Martin & Edgar Boaz (Doc Roberts)
- Roy Harvey (Charlie Poole & the North Carolina Ramblers)
- Hub Mahaffey (Dykes' Magic City Trio)
… and more!

- Guitar tab for 28 classic tunes, transcribed from 78 rpm records!
- What is old-time music, and how does the guitar fit in?
- The Elements of Style in old-time backup guitar:
- Keeping time
- Attack and dynamics
- Guitars and picks: getting  tone
- Chord selection
- The chords that the masters used
- The chords that the masters didn't use
- Choosing chords for modal tunes
- Finding the chords
- Playing with other musicians
- Advice & insight from leading contemporary backup guitarists
- Resources for learning: recordings, books, websites, etc.

- Four versions per tune, from very slow to full speed
- All recordings adjusted to concert pitch
- Samples from leading contemporary backup guitar players
- Selections provided as mp3 files, ready for iTunes or digital player
(NOTE: A data disk with mp3 files may not play on a car stereo or audio CD player, but it's perfect for your computer.)
- Play along with original performances from 78 rpm records!