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STANLEY BROTHERS 'The King Years 1961-1965' 4CDs GUSTO-2180-4CD

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Ever since I.M.G. (Starday-King) issued the great 4-CD Box that covered the Stanley's Starday and early King recordings (KING-7000, $ 45.00), fans have been eagerly awaiting this second set, which includes all 111 of the remaining tunes & songs that Carter & Ralph recorded for King during the period 1961-1965. At times there were rumors that it would not happen, but here it is at last, thankfully, and with another stellar set of notes by ace Stanley researcher Gary Reid. While little of the material here would compete with their Mercury or Columbia sessions for overall quality, nonetheless the majority of the more than 100 tracks hold to a pretty high standard and include lots of great songs and fine performances. George Shuffler, Ralph Mayo, Vernon Derrick, Curly Lambert and Earl Taylor are the featured sidemen on most of the cuts here. A fine documentation of a classic body of work, including some of the last recordings made by Carter Stanley before his death in late 1966.

Tracks on Disc 1:
1. Little Bessie
2. Mother's Only Sleeping
3. Old Country Church
4. Campin' In Canaan Land
5. Mother Call My Name In Prayer
6. Working On A Building
7. Somebody Touched Me
8. Dying A Sinner's Death
9. Village Church Yard
10. A Few More Years
11. Kneel At The Cross
12. My Sinful Past
13. How Mountain Girls Can Love
14. There Is A Trap
15. I See Through You
16. Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine
17. Fast Express
18. I'm Only Human
19. String, Eraser And Blotter
20. Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Me
21. Still Trying To Get To Little Rock
22. Where We'll Never Grow Old
23. When He Reached Down His Hand For Me
24. Paul And Silas
25. Who Will Sing For Me
26. I'll Fly Away
27. Drinking From The Fountain
28. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
29. Memories Of Mother

Tracks on Disc 2:
1. Heaven's Light Is Shining On Me
2. Let Me Walk, Lord, By Your Side
3. Harbor Of Love
4. We Shall Rise
5. (Dear Girl) Can You Forgive
6. It's Alright If That's The Way You Feel
7. Drunkard's Dream
8. I Just Came From Your Wedding
9. Mama Don't Allow
10. Chickie's Old Gray Mule
11. If We Never Meet Again
12. Hand In Hand With Jesus
13. My Deceitful Heart
14. Christmas Is Near
15. I Don't Want Your Rambling Letters
16. Just Because
17. No Letter Today
18. He Went To Sleep - The Hogs Ate Him
19. My Brother's Bride
20. Six Months Ain't Long
21. Old And In The Way
22. Hills Of Roan County
23. Little Birdie
24. Pig In The Pen
25. Whiskey And Jail
26. Lips That Lie
27. Lips That Lie [Alternate Version]
28. Little Darling, Pal Of Mine
29. Darling Nellie Gray

Tracks on Disc 3:
1. Train 45
2. Lonesome Traveler
3. Shout Little Lulie
4. Shamrock
5. Stoney Creek
6. Stone Walls And Steel Bars
7. Standing Room Only (Outside Your Heart)
8. Lonesome Night
9. Pretty Little Miss In The Garden
10. Late Last Night
11. When You And I Were Young, Maggie / Red Wing
12. Big Booger
13. Sourwood Mountain
14. Red River Valley & Ground Hog
15. Rang Tang
16. Snow Deer
17. Five String Drag
18. Never Again
19. Don't Cheat In Our Home Town
20. Don't Step Over An Old Love
21. I Just Stood There
22. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
23. Jesus Savior Pilot Me
24. I Just Dropped By
25. Oh Death
26. Shoutin' On The Hills Of Glory
27. Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem

Tracks on Disc 4:
1. John 3:16
2. A Crown He Wore
3. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
4. He's Passing This Way
5. No Burdens This Way
6. Building On That Rock
7. Bully Of The Town
8. Back Up And Push
9. Careless Love
10. How Bad I Do Feel
11. Rollin' On Rubber Wheels
12. Our Darlin's Gone
13. How You've Tortured My Mind
14. I'm Bound To Ride
15. God's Highway
16. The End Of The Road
17. Seek Jesus (He Still May Be Found)
18. He'll Save Your Soul Yet
19. I Feel Like Going Home
20. Take Me Home
21. Are You Ready
22. Prayer Of A Truck Driver's Son
23. What A Price
24. Vision Of The Promised Land
25. Pray For The Boys
26. Soldier's Grave