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VARIOUS 'Echoes of the Ozarks, Vol. 1' CO-3506-CD

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Vol. 1 features POPE'S ARK, MOUNTAINEERS, MORRISON BROS., GEORGE EDGIN, LUKE HIGHNIGHT, FIDDLIN SAM LONG, ASHLEY'S MELODY MEN, SHARP-HINMAN & SHARP. Vol. 2 features FIDDLIN BOB LARKAN, HITER COLVIN, DR. SMITH'S HOSS HAIR PULLERS, GRINNEL GIGGERS, REAVES WHITE CO. RAMBLERS, ARK. BAREFOOT BOYS, etc. County Records' classic 3-LP set devoted to the music of the Ozark's has been beautifully redone on these two CDs. Not only has the sound quality been dramatically improved by the exquisite re-mastering of Rich Nevins, but more great material has been added, featuring such intriguing artists as the GRINNELL GIGGERS and TED SHARP, HINMAN & SHARP. There is a wealth here of some of the loveliest and most distinctive rural music ever put on record. We could spend a couple of pages detailing the various sounds to be heard on the 43 total cuts on these two discs, but suffice it to say any fan of old-time music will find much to enjoy in this wonderful collection. Songs & tunes include FLYING ENGINE, PLOW BOY HOP, INDIAN WAR WHOOP, 8TH OF JANUARY, OLD DINNER BELL, 10 CENT PIECE, HOG EYE, JAW BONE, SEARCY CO. RAG, OZARK WALTZ, PIKE'S PEAK, SANDY LAND, WALK ALONG JOHN, OLD GREY HORSE, BAILEY WALTZ