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VARIOUS 'Mississippi String Bands, Vol. 1' CO-3513-CD

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The wonderfully rich fiddle tradition of the state of Mississippi in the early years of this century is beautifully captured on this attractive & musically powerful collection of 20 superb tunes featuring several of the state's greatest bands. There are no less than 6 fabulous tracks by one of the wildest, most exciting rural groups ever to record, the Carter Brothers & Son, plus 2 gems by the wonderful Floyd Ming's Pep-Steppers, and a generous helping of stellar cuts by the Ray Brothers, Mississippi Possum Hunters, Leake County Revelers, and Narmour & Smith. This is a feast for anyone who enjoys the highly individualistic & thoroughly musical sounds of old time music at its best. RUFUS RASTUS, NANCY ROWLAND, SWEET MILK & PEACHES, LAST SHOT GOT HIM, JAKE LEG WOBBLE, MISS BROWN, OLD HAT, JENNY ON THE RAILROAD, TUPELO BLUES, INDIAN WAR WHOOP, SADDLE UP THE GREY, etc.