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TOMMY JARRELL 'Sail Away Ladies' CO-2724-CD

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This, the first in four volumes to be released by County Records, features the solo fiddle work of the legendary TOMMY JARRELL. Inspiring countless persons to take up the fiddle, to study old-time music, or simply to appreciate the rich Appalachian culture of the North Carolina/Virginia border, Tommy Jarrell is considered an icon of old-time music and a link to the otherwise inaccessible past. Tommy's fiddle style and vocal delivery marks him as both unique and facinating in the history of Rural American Music. This CD captures what many consider to be the finest performances of Tommy Jarrell. Working from a body of tunes that he learned after the turn of the century, Tommy provides the listener with deftly executed performances supplimented with stories about the origin, development, and tunings of the songs.


1 The Drunken Hiccups 6:50
2 Devil In The Strawstack 1:19
3 Cluck Old Hen 3:26
4 Forked Deer 2:06
5 The Joke On The Puppy 1:55
6 Step Back Cindy 3:34
7 Flatwoods 2:06
8 Soldier's Joy 2:37
9 Bonaparte's Retreat 2:19
10 Greasy String 2:45
11 Fisher's Hornpipe 2:16
12 Sail Away Ladies 1:54
13 Cotton Eyed Joe 3:15
14 Rochester Schottische / Walking In The Parlor 1:52
15 Raleigh And Spencer 3:43