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VARIOUS 'Religion Is A Fortune: Sacred Harp Singing, Early 1900s CO-3532-CD

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For those who like the Sacred Harp Singing tradition (as heard in Alabama and Georgia for over 100 years), County Records second album devoted to this little-heard style features a generous helping of 19 religious songs by a number of different groups that recorded in the late 1920s. This will complement a full album (CO-3531, $ 13.99) that presented the most prolific of the Sacred Harp groups, Allison's Sacred Harp Singers--this new CD has 4 more of that great group's songs. With this release one can compare the subtle differences in style between such groups as Dye's Sacred Harp Singers, Lee Wells, the Denson-Paris and Denson outfits, the Fa-So-La Singers and the fine Alabama Sacred Harp Singers, among others. For those not familiar with this tradition, we suggest you hear 2 or 3 examples before purchasing this disc --it's powerful music but not for every ear. LAND OF BEULAH, ROCKY ROAD, RAGAN, ODEM, NINETY-FIFTH, PLEYEL'S HYMN, LONG SOUGHT HOME, etc.