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LYMAN ENLOE,CASEY JONES,CYRIL STINNETT 'Three Fiddlers From The Show-Me State' CO-2739-CD

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This wonderful 21-tune collection shows what was going on years ago in the art of fiddling, Missouri-style. It is a distinctly different type of fiddling from the more embellished Texas-style or the more rythmic, heavy bowing to be heard in most of the Southeastern states. As practiced by the three great fiddlers heard here, it is a more sprightly style with lots of quick, clean noting. Lyman Enloe has been heard before on full albums on the County and Missouri Old-Time Fiddler's Association labels--his precise up-tempo work on 7 great tune is nicely backed up by a full Bluegrass band. On the other hand, the legendary Cyril Stinnett (a left handed fiddler) is beautifully backed by the old-time banjo picking of Lena Hughes. Many of Stinnett's tunes are played in the keys of F and Bb. The third artist here is one Casey Jones who is also backed by Lena Hughes (his sister)--he navigats beautifully through such great tunes as DURHAMS'S BULL, DUBUQUE'S REEL, MELINDA, JUBALO and a couple of waltzes. With notes by Charlie Faurot (who did much of the recording as well), this is a great package that should thrill most fiddle lovers.