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CYRIL STINNETT 'Legendary Missouri Fiddler' -- DVD


Fans of Missouri style fiddling will most likely know a lot about Stinnett and his amazing repertoire of fiddle tunes. He is represented on County's "Three Fiddlers From The Show Me State" (County-2739, $ 13.99) and other fiddle collections. Thanks to the work of the locally well known collector Dwight Lamb, we now have this video that shows Stinnett playing around 100 different tunes, accompanied by simple but solid open chord guitar playing. Stinnett was filmed by Lamb in 1979 and 1980, in 3 different settings, and was well in control of his instrument. Stinnett specialized in the hornpipe style, and played a number of tunes in the key of Bflat. Many of his tunes have the same basic structure and start to sound the same, but there's a lot of wonderful fiddling here for those who can appreciate it.