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FLATT & SCRUGGS 'Best Of The Flatt & Scruggs TV Show Vol. 1'

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Although Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs recorded their classic sounds more than 50 years ago, they remain a very strong fan favorite to this day, and deservedly so. For the past 20 years or so there have been rumors of the existence of some of their legendary Martha White TV shows from the late 1950s and early 1960s, but many of us who knew of their survival had despaired of ever being able to get to see any of this material. Now, at long last, and thanks to a collaboration between Shanachie Records and the Country Music Hall of Fame, the rumors have become reality, and this first volume (of a projected 10-volumes) will bring joy to the hearts of thousands, we are sure! This first disc includes two full 30-minute TV shows, one from August 1961 and the other from February 1962, just as they were originally broadcast, complete with commercials (most announced by T. Tommy Cutrer). Each show features around 10 songs & tunes, which typically consisted of both the group's current "hits" (A HUNDRED YEARS FROM NOW), some songs from their earlier repertoire (JIMMIE BROWN THE NEWSBOY), a bit of comedy and some instrumentals (featuring some combination of Earl Scruggs' banjo, Paul Warren's fiddling, and dobro playing by "Uncle Josh" Graves). On one of the two shows here Hylo Brown is a guest (singing JOHN HENRY and LOVESICK & SORROW). Apart from the wonderful fiddle & banjo tunes that marked every show, there are other great moments that were never preserved on record: the Foggy Mountain Boys Quartet doing a lovely a cappella rendition of PRECIOUS MEMORIES, and a neat up-tempo version of PIG IN A PEN featuring the unusual trio of Curly Seckler, Uncle Josh and Paul Warren, with Scruggs picking some dynamite banjo! The shows are all in black & white and a bit grainy, but this will matter little to the legions of Flatt & Scruggs fans who should be ecstatic to view these shows at last. This disc also includes BEFORE I MET YOU, GEORGIA BUCK, DURHAM'S BULL, JESUS SAVIOUR PILOT ME, etc. For a limited time, we are offering this DVD at the special discount price of $18.00. On April 1st the price will be $20.00.