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This is a wonderful 60 minute collection that features rare film footage of four superb old-time mountain musicians. We are really fortunate that some of these great artists' performances were captured and preserved this way --all in all there really is not too much available of this type, although Vestapol (owned by Rounder) and the Yazoo label have a few others that are similar and equally worthwhile. The oldest material here is 1966 footage of Dock Boggs doing 3 songs with his unique styled banjo accompaniment. Kilby Snow--who did amazing things with an autoharp --is captured on 6 neat tunes from 1970, and Roscoe Holcomb is represented with 3 songs filmed in 1972. The rest of the DVD is devoted to 9 pieces by the wonderful Tommy Jarrell (1976) playing such tunes as BOLL WEEVIL, BONAPARTE'S RETREAT, SAIL WAY LADIES and OLD JIMMIE SUTTON among others. Whether you were fortunate enough to see these artists in person years ago, or are young enough to have missed seeing them, this is an irreplaceable souvenir & document