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JOHN RECTOR 'Galax Fiddle & Banjo' FRC-737-CD

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John Rector was an influential old-time fiddle and banjo player from Galax, Virginia. These recordings were made between January and June of 1974 by Tom Carter and Blanton Owen, during a period when they documented and preserved the work of many wonderful old-time musicians. He was also recorded by John Lomax in 1937. On this disk, you’ll hear Mr.Rector play many of his favorite tunes and discuss his influences. Mr.Rector had a unique sound and style and was a frequent winner at the Galax Fiddlers’ Convention. Special thanks to John’s granddaughter, Nancy Atakan, for her permission and help with releasing this project. – Kilby Spencer

46 Tracks:

Ebenezer (1:31)
Discussion on last tune, learning to play (1:15)
Talk of Zach Payne (1:33)
Old Dad (1:29)
Talk about John’s fiddle (0:42)
Dance All Night (0:59)
Fisher’s Hornpipe (0:44)
Talk about his family & band (1:37)
Forked Deer (1:14)
Sally Ann (1:22)
Mississippi Sawyer (1:07)
Flop Eared Mule (1:07)
Richmond (0:25)
Susannah Gal (1:39)
Richmond (1:28)
Jack of Diamonds (1:21)
Pretty Little Girl (0:58)
Talk (0:10)
Pretty Little Girl (0:30)
Breaking Up Christmas (1:01)
Talk (0:18)
Cripple Creek (0:43)
Stepback Cindy (0:29)
Stepback Cindy (1:16)
Talk of John’s favorite tune (0:09)
Fanny Hill (0:46)
Chapel Hill Serenade (0:44)
Cleveland Marching to the White House (0:13)
Old Dad (1:04)
Talk (0:13)
Ebenezer (1:45)
Talk of Isom and Fielden Rector (0:46)
Fisher’s Hornpipe (0:49)
Fisher’s Hornpipe (0:30)
Forked Deer (1:09)
Mississippi Sawyer (1:06)
Talk about living in Mount Airy (1:00)
Jack of Diamonds (1:15)
Jack of Diamonds (1:00)
Sally Ann on banjo (0:22)
Talk (0:15)
Arkansas Traveler on banjo (0:25)
Sally Ann on banjo (0:54)
Talk (0:23)
Sally Ann (1:32)
Stepback Cindy (1:24)