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VARIOUS 'A Survery Of Traditional Music: The North American Traditions Collection Vol 1-5' 5-CD

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Over a span of nearly four decades, a small group of friends, the North American Traditions Group, traveled over large swaths of the Appalachians, the Canadian Maritimes, the Ozarks, and the American West, recording many hundreds of hours of traditional music. Styles heard in the NAT collection range from unaccompanied ballads to vocal quartets; virtuoso fiddle solos to string bands; blues to gospel to topical songs. This is the first box set of three and includes the first five CDs of this monumental collection: From British Tradition, A Musical Melting Pot, Songs of Melancholy and Sorrow, The Anglo-African Exchange, and Grown on American Soil. 

  • FRC-801 Vol 1: From British Tradition
  • FRC-802 Vol 2: A Musical Melting Pot
  • FRC-803 Vol 3: Songs of Melancholy and Sorrow 
  • FRC-804 Vol 4: The Ango-African Exchange 
  • FRC-805 Vol 5: Grown on American Soil