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Carter Family Sticker - DILG-021-MERC

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A high-quality screen printed sticker of the first family of country music, The Carter Family with design inspiration from 1950s superhero comics.

With A.P., Sara and Maybelle looking as pretty as a fresh Wildwood Flower, these stickers will make even a Diamond in the Rough look like a new Gold Watch and Chain! Whether you're a Western Hobo or a False Hearted Lover, let this sticker bring some Sunshine in the Shadows of your life. If you don't It'll Aggrivate Your Soul!

These are designed by local artist Gina Dilg and printed in a silkscreen process that creates a beautifully vibrant, durable magnet. Put them on your car, water bottle, case, fridge, or on your cousin's ugly baby... the possibilities are endless!