BLUE HIGHWAY - 'Somewhere Far Away - Silver Anniversary CD'   ROU-00620-CD

BLUE HIGHWAY - 'Somewhere Far Away - Silver Anniversary CD' ROU-00620-CD

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Multi-award winning Blue Highway’s forthcoming album, Somewhere Far Away: Silver Anniversary is the culmination of the twenty-five years that Tim Stafford, Wayne Taylor, Shawn Lane, and Jason Burleson (four of the five original members) have spent creating a legacy in bluegrass music. The momentum continues as the band enters their 25th year, celebrating a rich legacy brought forth by powerhouse songwriting and stunning, harmonious vocals that soar over masterful instrumentations. With the exciting addition of reso-guitar master Gary Hultman, Blue Highway is a band that is all about the journey. As they approach this career milestone, they continue to be driven by the creative process. The album features 12 original songs, largely embodying a western theme, and was produced by Blue Highway.

Track Listing:

  • 1. Both Ends of the Train
  • 2. Somewhere Far Away
  • 3. Dear Kentucky
  • 4. In Texas Tonight
  • 5. Cochise County
  • 6. Orville’s Webb
  • 7. Ain’t No Better, Ain’t No Worse
  • 8. A Place I’ve Never Seen
  • 9. I Already Do
  • 10. Life Song
  • 11. I Can’t Think of One
  • 12. That Sounds More Like Heaven to Me