BLUE HIGHWAY 'Somewhere Far Away - Silver Anniversary CD'  ROU-00620-CD

BLUE HIGHWAY 'Somewhere Far Away - Silver Anniversary CD' ROU-00620-CD

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Multi-award winning Blue Highway’s forthcoming album, Somewhere Far Away: Silver Anniversary is the culmination of the twenty-five years that Tim Stafford, Wayne Taylor, Shawn Lane, and Jason Burleson (four of the five original members) have spent creating a legacy in bluegrass music. The momentum continues as the band enters their 25th year, celebrating a rich legacy brought forth by powerhouse songwriting and stunning, harmonious vocals that soar over masterful instrumentations. With the exciting addition of reso-guitar master Gary Hultman, Blue Highway is a band that is all about the journey. As they approach this career milestone, they continue to be driven by the creative process. The album features 12 original songs, largely embodying a western theme, and was produced by Blue Highway.

"Any quintet in any kind of music that reaches 25 years with four of the original members is great, a group that can think as one. Blue Highway reaches that milestone having created what became the model for the modern bluegrass band: an ensemble approach with no one outshining another; at least two strong and distinctive lead singers; multiple good songwriters writing songs for the band, and, most difficult of all, the ability to keep moving their sound forward while still sounding like themselves. Somewhere Far Away displays all these strengths. Recommended." - Art Menius

Track list:
1 Both Ends Of The Train 2:45
2 Somewhere Far Away 3:47
3 Dear Kentucky 3:16
4 In Texas Tonight 3:42
5 Cochise County 2:46
6 Orville's Webb 3:51
7 Ain't No Better, Ain't No Worse 2:25
8 A Place I've Never Seen 4:47
9 I Already Do 4:43
10 Life Song 3:11
11 I Can't Think Of One 3:14
12 That Sounds More Like Heaven To Me 3:37

Track Listing:

  • 1. Both Ends of the Train
  • 2. Somewhere Far Away
  • 3. Dear Kentucky
  • 4. In Texas Tonight
  • 5. Cochise County
  • 6. Orville’s Webb
  • 7. Ain’t No Better, Ain’t No Worse
  • 8. A Place I’ve Never Seen
  • 9. I Already Do
  • 10. Life Song
  • 11. I Can’t Think of One
  • 12. That Sounds More Like Heaven to Me