NEW FOUND ROAD 'Full Heart' MH-0957-CD

NEW FOUND ROAD 'Full Heart' MH-0957-CD

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Solid, well-played Bluegrass gospel on 11 songs that are all written by members of the band, which includes Tim Shelton and Tim Caudill, Rickie Simpkins helps out on fiddle. Nice lead vocals by Tim Shelton, and good harmony work. 


1 He'll Be Your Friend
2 Christ Never Changes
3 Do Well
4 Easy Choice For Me
5 Full Heart
6 He'll Make A Way
7 I'm Heading For Heaven
8 He Was My Lighthouse
9 This Rock
10 You God
11 There Is One

Banjo – Junior Williams 
Bass – Tim Caudill
Guitar – Tim Shelton 

Mandolin – Rob Baker