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MIGHTY POPLAR 'Mighty Poplar' - DIRT-0111-CD

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Although the term 'Super Group' gets thrown around pretty often these days, this new band of superlative musicians deserves the term and all of its connotations. Some of the most creative and inventive instrumentalists going today unite here with a wonderfully varied base of material ranging from modern compositions, pre-Civil War banjo tunes, bluegrass classics, Carter Family heart songs and timeless fiddle tunes. Highly recommended!!!

1) A Distant Land to Roam
2) Up on the Divide
3) Grey Eagle
4) Lovin' Babe
5) Blackjack Davy
6) North Country Blues
7) Little Joe
8) Let Him Go on Mama
9) Kicking Up the Devil on a Holiday - Dr. Hecock's Jig
10) Story of Isaac