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EVIE LADEN 'Riding The Rooster' EDR-004


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  1. Magnolia One Step 
  2. Spring's All Muddy and Pond's All Dry
  3. Polly Put The Kettle On 
  4. Last Chance 
  5. Redbird 
  6. Checkin' On The Taters 
  7. Sal Will You Marry Me 
  8. Lost Girl 
  9. Paddy On The Handcar 
  10. Chinquapin 
  11. Bonaparte's Retreat 
  12. Running Through The White Oaks 
  13. Indian Ate The Woodchuck 
  14. Wild Horse At Stony Point 
  15. Lost Indian 
  16. Sail Away Ladies 
  17. Getting George Bush Upstairs 
  18. Say Darling Say