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SPECIAL CONSENSUS 'Great Blue North' COMP-4802

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Compass Records recording Great Blue North is a tip of our hats to our Canadian friends, as we have been playing concerts and festivals in Canada for four decades. All songs on this recording were written by Canadian songwriters and the instrumental medley features traditional Canadian tunes.

Featured US and Canadian guest artist friends on the recording include John Reischman, Trisha Gagnon and Patrick Sauber (The Jaybird Trio), Claire Lynch, Darol Anger, Pharis and Jason Romero, Dale Ann Bradley, April Verch, Ray Legere, Amanda Smith, John Showman, Leonard Podolak, Rob Ickes and Alison Brown. 


  1. Snowbird
  2. Highway 95
  3. Don't You Try to Change My Mind
  4. Alberta Bound
  5. Mighty Trucks Of Midnight 
  6. Pretty Kate And The Rabbit 
  7. Brave Mountaineers 
  8. Black Bird 
  9. The Jaybird Song 
  10. Time Wanders On