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HOBART SMITH 'In Sacred Trust' SFW-40141-CD


This superb album is another one of those "labor of love" records that appear from time to time. The people to thank here are Fleming Brown, who made the original home recordings in 1963 (in Chicago), Stephen Wade for producing and annotating this issue, and of course Hobart Smith for providing the wonderful music. There is one great CD of Smith already out there, but this album provides a whole lot more of the playing of this artist from Virginia, considered by many to be among the best of the old-time rural banjo pickers. But Smith was more than just a good banjo picker --he played a mean blues guitar, the fiddle, and piano (in a thoroughly country style). Those facets of the man, as well as his singing, are beautifully documented and presented in the 36 songs & tunes that Mr. Wade has culled from hours of Mr. Brown's recordings. A huge, 78-page booklet of notes accompanies this disc --there's a lot to be learned in reading through this. Those familiar with this master mountain musician will more than likely be preparing to order this item now --amazingly it is just $ 15.00 even with the huge booklet. You can look forward to some great listening and reading! Pieces include RAILROAD BILL, JOHN HENRY, K.C. MOAN, WABASH BLUES, CUCKOO BIRD, CHATHAM HILL SERENADE, BLACK ANNIE, CLOG DANCE etc.