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HAROLD HAUSENFLUCK 'Volume 2 - Banjo Workshop' FRC-702-CD

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Blinded in infancy and a piano tuner by trade, Harold Beatty Hausenfluck (b.1952) began his musical career as a harmonica player. In 1969, he learned a two finger style of banjo playing while visiting his grandparents in Highland County, VA. From his father's description of his Aunt Lou's hand, Harold figured out drop thumbing and learned it well enough to win a ribbon at Galax the following year. Harold continued to learn banjo first-hand from older players including Matokie Slaughter, Grandpappy Glen Smith, Wade Ward, Tommy Jarrell, Abe Horton, Ike Frost, Enoch Rutherford, and Rufus Quesinberry. He learned upstroking from Creed and Joe Birchfield and other banjo pieces and tunings from recordings. In 1999 Harold suffered a stroke. Wheelchair bound, Harold now resides in an assisted living home, where he runs a low power FM old-time music radio station and has once more taken up the harmonica. Most of the pieces on this CD were recorded originally for Heritage Records. _ Mark C. Campbell