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John Dee Kennedy of Pawnee, Oklahoma FRC-738-CD

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John Dee Kennedy (1914-1997) was a self-effacing man who, in his prime, was considered by many to be the best breakdown fiddler in Pawnee and Osage counties, Oklahoma. In a generation where most of his contemporaries were playing Western swing, bluegrass, or Texas contest style fiddle, John perpetuated an older family and community tradition that can be traced through the mountains of Arkansas all the way back to eastern Kentucky in the 19th century. These field recordings were made by Linda Higginbotham and Brad Leftwich at John’s home in Pawnee, Oklahoma, from 1982-1985. – Brad Leftwich

58 Tracks:

The Fourth of July (1:20)
Hell on the Nine Mile (2:09}
Spotted Pony (1:02)
About Tom Adams (1:45)
Old Man Adams’ Tune (1:58)
Polly Ann (Sally Ann) (1:04)
Fort Smith (0:45)
The Arkansas Hollering Tune (1:50)
Judge Parker (1:05)
Liberty (1:01)
Sheep Shell Corn (1:52)
Possum up a Sycamore (0:53)
Sugar in My Coffee (0:37)
Chicken Reel (0:49)
Billy in the Low Ground (0:52)
Bonaparte’s Retreat (1:35)
Flop-Eared Mule (0:53)
My Pretty White Kitty (1:12)
Sally Johnson (1:25)
Tom and Jerry (1:13)
Ten Cent Piece (1:45)
Twinkle Little Star (0:58)
Peekaboo Waltz (0:49)
Lone Star Rag (1:27)
Sally Goodin (old-time) (1:02)
Hopping Lucy / Wednesday Night Waltz (1:15)
Carroll County Blues (0:49)
Arkansas Traveler (0:46)
Big Sweet Taters in the Sandy Land (0:56)
Rye Whiskey (1:44)
Fisher’s Hornpipe (1:22)
Blues in A (1:03)
Durang’s Hornpipe (1:28)
Grey Eagle (0:46)
John Bunney Waltz (1:37)
Chinese Breakdown (1:03)
Stony Point (1:16)
Wagner (0:30)
About “The Eighth of January” (1:17)
The Eighth of January (0:55)
Leather Britches (0:51)
Bill Cheatham (1:03)
Waltz in C (0:53)
Rabbit Where’s Your Mammy (1:13)
Cackling Hen (1:14)
Forked Deer (0:58)
Sam Pim Waltz (1:09)
Soldiers’ Joy (0:51)
Blues in G (0:29)
Blue Flame (1:01)
Rye Straw (1:02)
Whiskers (0:58)
John Henry (0:44)
Green Valley Waltz 1:00)
Ragtime Annie (1:19)
The Arkansas Hollering Tune (solo) (0:51)
Pop Goes the Weasel (0:35)
John Reflects on His Fiddling (0:45)