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VARIOUS ARTISTS 'I Belong To This Band' DTD-06-CD

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The esoteric Dust-To-Digital label is back with another interesting and nicely presented album, this one devoted to Sacred Harp music. This music is not for everyone, and in fact there are many who say one must take part in the music to really enjoy it, that it is more for singing the songs than listening to them. Heard mostly in the hills of Alabama and Georgia, it is clearly a powerful means of expression, and this collection of 30 songs is quite interesting and instructive in that it includes examples from the 1920s, and 1930s as well as the past few years. (There are also two 1940 tracks by the Roswell Sacred Harp Singers and several from 1955 by that group as well). Most of the more recent recordings are of large congregations, while the tracks from the 1922-1934 period are mostly limited to 4 or 5 singers. Of the latter, there are several gems like CUBA and PRESENT JOYS by the Alabama Sacred Harp Singers and 95th by Denson's Sacred Harp Singers. If you enjoyed County Records' re-issues of Sacred Harp music (COUNTY 3531 and 3532, $ 13.99n each), you will most likely really appreciate and enjoy this album as well.