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JAMES LEVA 'All Over the Map'

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Quite disappointed after playing the first 4 cuts on this album, I was about to relegate it to the "also ran" box. But James Leva is a good old time musician and I felt I had better give this disc another chance. For one thing, it is very attractively packaged. Second, Mr. Leva is joined here by ace cello player Tristan Claridge (once with the fine Crooked Still band), and Nora Jane Struthers, who sings very pleasantly on a few numbers. (Leva's daughter Vivian also joins in on some of the vocals). And once into the bulk of this 17-track album, Leva and his crew get going with their versions of many really good old songs and tunes, such as LITTLE SATCHEL, DEVIL IN THE HAYSTACK, KATY DEAR, ROUSTABOUT, WHITE OAK MOUNTAIN and TALK ABOUT SUFFERING. Leva provides his own little touches to most of the songs, and he is forthright in listing the sources for all of them. It turns out to be a very nice record.