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DOCK BOGGS 'The Field Recorders' Collective - Recordings from the collection of Reed Martin' FRC-305-CD

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'My sister lived in the Whitesburg, Kentucky, area during the 1960s. In the summer of 1967 I lived with her and searched for elderly banjo players. Dock Boggs lived in Pound, Virginia, just up the valley from Whitesburg. I had a borrowed tape recorder that I turned on when I visited him. I'll never forget what he looked like because he could have been the twin of my maternal grandfather. Dock claimed that back in his youth he used to spin the banjo around and flip it up in the air and never miss a lick. Hard as I tried, I could never get him to demonstrate those things for me. Dock's usual style was happy and in major keys, but one little drink and out would come the distinctive modal tunings and his unique blues. Thirty-five years later I heard about Ray Alden's search for private recordings which might be lost forever. I sent him my old tape which I had never listened to since the day of my visit with Mr. Boggs. Ray has produced here a wonderful CD of Dock Boggs talking and playing'. - Reed Martin