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LARRY RICHARDSON 'Larry Richardson and The Blue Ridge Boys With Buddy Pendleton' OB-702-CD

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"Larry Richardson, who passed away this year at the age of 80, was one of the premier banjo pickers and singers of the early years of Bluegrass. Learning the style in the 1940s, he was one of the founding members of the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers and played banjo for Bill Monroe in 1951-1952. He also played with Carl Sauceman and made a classic 78rpm record with old-time banjo picker Happy Smith before starting his own band. From the mid 1950s to the late 1960s his band was a regular winner at the big Fiddler's contests in Virginia and North Carolina, and he and his band were one of the first Bluegrass groups to secure a regular television show (over a station in Winston-Salem, N.C.). He later became a banjo picking evangelist based in Florida in a new career that lasted over 25 years. This disc is a re-issue of the very first Bluegrass LP to come out on the new County label (in 1965), and it contains fine, vibrant traditional Bluegrass with a solid band that included the great fiddler Buddy Pendleton and Ronnie Prevette on mandolin (he later was a member of Jimmy Martin's Sunny Mountain Boys). In addition to the dozen songs & tunes on the original LP, there are another 17 (!) tracks here --4 full band cuts that never made it to the first record plus a fine bunch of fiddle tunes featuring Pendleton. An excellent album!"

- Dave Freeman

"More than half a century ago, Larry Richardson was at the height of his prowess as a bluegrass banjo player, backing his soaring tenor singing. Along with Red Baker, he produced some powerful hardcore traditional bluegrass that reminds us of what this music was all about in its youth. If an alien from outer space landed in my backyard and asked me "What is bluegrass?" I would hand the little green man a copy of Old Blue 702 by Larry Richardson and say "Listen to this and learn." Thank goodness that Charles Faurot released this reissues of previous County Records material so that we can all enjoy this timeless classic bluegrass. This CD is a sharp reminder of why many of us fell in love with traditional bluegrass of the golden era. Goodness gracious, it is good! If you have overlooked this CD, now is the time to add it to your collection and start patting your feet to Buddy Pendleton's fabulous fiddling or singing along with Larry and Red. You will not be sorry!"

- Kinney Rorrer
Host of the County Sales Radio Hour

Track list:

1. I Don't Love Nobody
2. John Henry
3. Let Me Fall
4. Sad and Lonesome Day
5. Liberty
6. Little Pal
7. More Pretty Girls Than One
8. Peacock Rag
9. Happy Love
10. Paul and Silas
11. Cabin in Caroline
12. Whistling Rufus
13. Pain in My Heart
14. Bill Cheatem
15. You Left Me So Blue
16. Wild Over Me
17. I'll Meet You in Church Sunday Morning
18. My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains
19. Hop Light Ladies
20. Golden Slippers
21. Sandy River Belle
22. Twinkle Little Star
23. Florida Blues
24. Cincinnati Rag
25. Rachel
26. Red Skinned Girl
27. Rickett's Hornpipe
28. Snowflake Reel
29. Fisher's Hornpipe