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VARIOUS 'The Early Days of Bluegrass' 6 CD Box Set and Book BCF-101-CD/BOOK

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Created as a fundraiser to support Bluegrass Country radio, and the Bluegrass Country Foundation is 'The Early Days of Bluegrass' 6-CD set comprising 153 tracks, and a 203 page book. Purchase them together or separately.

The book essentially constitutes the “liner notes” for the 6-CD set comprising 153 tracks of early bluegrass music, mostly recorded for small and long-since departed regional record labels. In the early 1970s, the three founders of Rounder Records -- Ken Irwin, Marian Leighton Levy, and Bill Nowlin -- devoted a considerable period of time (with the crucial help of many) to preparing 10 long-playing albums of early bluegrass music. This is very much "music from another time" -- 153 tracks of early bluegrass music, and the stories of the singers and musicians who made this time. Released over a few years, the albums present some of the best of early bluegrass.

Staff Review:

The Early Days of Bluegrass box set takes the listener on a journey back in time to the good old days when bluegrass was still a crooners' sport. Vocals are direct and unadorned, instrumental breaks feature the melody, and the recordings are honest! This set features the obscure of the obscure alongside some well-known artists that went on to have flourishing careers. Through this collection, I have been introduced to a number of exceptional lesser known groups such as Rebe & Rabe and the Kelleys - for which I'm very grateful! The companion book is a fine complement to the box set, offering detailed information on the artists, songs, and recording sessions, and really helping to establish the full picture of those early days. I'm loving this set! - Ashlee