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BONNIE RUSSELL & THE RUSSELL FAMILY 'Mountain Dulcimer, Galax Style' CO-2710-CD

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In the 20 odd years since this music was recorded by Charlie Faurot & Rich Nevins, this wonderful album has come to be considered a classic. Here it has been re-issued with the inclusion of two extra tunes that had been thought lost: DANCE ALL NIGHT and LITTLE LIZA JANE. Bonnie Russell was just 13 when she recorded this lively strummed dulcimer music, beautifully backed by her brother & late father, Roscoe Russell. It is a unique documentation of an exciting and rare local tradition (actually from the Woodlawn area near Galax & Hillsville, VA). Lovely treatment of classic tunes that any lover of old-time music should thoroughly enjoy. SAIL AWAY LADIES, CINDY, BIG LIZA JANE, EBENEEZER, HOME SWEET HOME, MISSISSIPPI SAWYER, OLD SUZANNA, FLOP EARED MULE.

Staff Review:

Every so often, a recording comes along that takes the listener completely by surprise, inspiring repeated listening and an eagerness to fully appreciate the character, nuance, and power contained within. Such was the case a few weeks ago when I dusted off an old vinyl LP I had recently acquired from our collection and first heard County Records' original recording of the Russell Family from Carroll County, Virginia...
Continue reading my review HERE: https://countysales.com/.../staff-review-of-bonnie...
- Andrew