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DOM FLEMONS 'Traveling Wildfire' SFW-40237-CD

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Dom Flemons has built a reputation on presenting 100 years of American roots music, but now, with Traveling Wildfire, his own songwriting prowess comes into the spotlight. Carefully selected from his personal repertoire, these original songs reveal his love of country, western, blues, Americana, bluegrass and folk music as they tell of true love, family legacy, survival, time travel, and the juxtaposition between light and dark. Traveling Wildfire weaves through the themes of hope and humor as it rises above the hard times with strength and lightheartedness.

1) Slow Dance with You
2) Dark Beauty
3) If You Truly Love 
4) Traveling Wildfire
5) It’s Cold Inside
6) We Are Almost Down to the Shore
7) Nobody Wrote It Down
8) Saddle It Around
9) Big Money Blues
10) Old Desert Road
11) Rabbit Foot Rag
12) Tough Luck
13) Song to JCB
14) Guess I’m Doing Fine
15) Songster Revival