THE VOLLMERS 'Waves on the Sea'  VOLLMERS-2019-CD

THE VOLLMERS 'Waves on the Sea' VOLLMERS-2019-CD

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Brian Vollmer and Claire Byrne form the Vollmers, an old-time duo from upstate New York. The 13 tracks, all from the traditional canon, on the album mix largely high energy instrumentals with songs, a couple adapted from bluegrass. The fiddling, primarily from Claire, is outstanding, making the instrumentals quite appealing. The vocals don’t quite match the excellence of the playing.


  1. The Belle of Lexington
  2. Waves on the Sea
  3. Cotton Patch
  4. I Wish My Baby Was Born
  5. Don't Drink Nothin' But the Corn
  6. I Wonder How the Old Folks Are At Home
  7. Mayflower
  8. They'll Never Keep Us Down
  9. Liberty Off the Corn Liquor Still
  10. The Ballad of Frankie Silver
  11. Up Jumped Trouble
  12. Ramblin'
  13. Jolly Samuels