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COMPTON & BLAKE 'Gallop To Georgia TAB Book' BOOK-TATER-001

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This book is written music accompaniment to the recorded project of the same name recorded by Mike Compton and Norman Blake. Herein you will find the sounds of breakdowns, blues, rags, shuffles and country waltzes, and even a hint of Tex-Mex flavor. All tunes are transcribed in both standard notation and tablature to accommodate those who favor one system or the other.

  1. Avalon Blues

  2. Charleston #2

  3. Heel & Toe

  4. Kiss Me Waltz

  5. Texas Shuffle

  6. Captain George, Has Your Money Come?

  7. Little Star

  8. Gallop To Georgia

  9. Mississippi Breakdown

  10. Avalon Quickstep

  11. Carroll County Blues

  12. Charleston #1

  13. Sweet Milk & Peaches

  14. Sunny Waltz

  15. Charleston #3

  16. Who’s Been Giving You Corn?