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LARRY SPARKS 'It's Just Me' REB-1880-CD

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60 years prior to the release of this STELLAR solo album, Larry Sparks started his life in professional music as a singer/guitarist with the legendary Stanley Brothers. Nearly seventy albums later, we are gifted with the opportunity to dive into a full length record showcasing just Larry and his trusty 1954 D-28. This album features some classic Sparks numbers like DON'T NEGLECT THE ROSE and BRING 'EM ON BACK, along side great new compositions and classic country hits like MOM AND DAD'S WALTZ and SHE THINKS I STILL CARE. An absolute must have album!

1) Long Way to Denver

2) Don't Neglect the Rose

3) Mom and Dad's Waltz

4) Great High Mountain

5) Sweetheart

6) How About You

7) She Thinks I Still Care

8) Bring 'Em on Back

9) Mama's Apron Strings

10) The Scarlet Red Lines