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VARIOUS 'Times Ain't Like They Used To Be, Vol. 1'

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A stunning, powerful collection of no less than 23 classic recordings from the late 1920s & early 30s by both white & black performers, transferred in good sound by Rich Nevins and with notes by Charles Wolfe & Don Kent. A must for any old-time fan, with knock-out performances by people like Frank Blevins, Bascome Lamar Lunsford(LOST JOHN DEAN), Buell Kazee(DYING SOLDIER)Grayson & Whitter(OLD JIMMIE SUTTON), J.P. Nestor, A.A. Gray, Wilmer Watts, Ken Maynard, Memphis Jug Band, Dykes Magic City Trio(TENNESSEE GIRLS), Richard Rabbit Brown, etc. Great stuff & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! There's a 2nd volume of this too(YAZOO-2029). FANNIE MOORE, ON THE ROAD AGAIN, SKINNER, SHOTGUN BLUES, FLY AROUND, etc.