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HENRY THOMAS 'Texas Worried Blues: Complete Recorded Works: 1927-1929' YAZOO-1080-CD


If you're a fan of old-time music new or old you are bound to love this one! Henry Thomas, likely born in the early 1880s, was one of the most unique and energetic performers recorded in the 1920s. Playing guitar and a form of panpipes or 'quills' interspersed with dog calls, Thomas is sure to get stuck in your head. A traveling performer and hobo who would ride the rails from Texas to Chicago in the summers to play with medicine shows and other street peddlers, his repertoire is some of the most archaic documented in 1920s commercial performers. His songs are the root of such classics like FISHING BLUES, and Canned Heat's 'Going Up the Country'. From ethereal blues to breakdowns that could have led a night-long square dance, this CD is a must. If you only dip your toe into 'blues' of the 1920s this very well may be the best choice. THE FOX AND THE HOUNDS, FISHING BLUES, OLD COUNTRY STOMP, RUN MOLLIE RUN, JOHN HENRY, RAILROADIN' SOME.