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When you make a purchase of 6 or more items you are entitled to 1 free CD from the Rebel or County label!

After you have made your 6 selections and wish to check out of our online store, you will be taken to our free gifts selection menu. This menu is filled with well over a hundred Rebel and County CD's to choose from.

To choose a CD as your free gift, simply click your mouse on the small button to the left of the CD title. (**Note: If you wish to click on the title of the free gift to view its contents, make sure you press the back button on your browser to return to the free gift menu in order to make a selection.**)

Please also note that our free gifting system will only allow the customer 1 free CD per order. Eligibilty for a free CD is based on a 6 item purchase, so you are entitled to a free CD with every 6 purchases you make! In the event you make a purchase that would warrant another free CD, please write a note to us in the message field provided for you upon check-out explaining that you have made a purchase that warrants another free gift, and write in the titles of the free CD's (Only Rebel and County CD's apply) you wish to receive.